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Year 5 & 6 - Diamond

Welcome to Diamond Class!


There are 22 of us in Diamond Class with Mrs Bowey and Mrs Tilley as our class teachers . We have Maths and English along with PSHE, French in the mornings with Mrs Bowey and Science on a Monday afternoon. In the afternoons we are with Mrs Tilley doing our History, Geography, Art, DT, Computing and RE  work. We also have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument this year taught by Red Admiral. This year we are learning a variety of brass instruments. Take a look below at our yearly curriculum overview for further information on the topics being covered. This term we are learning all about the rainforest and we are thoroughly enjoying our exciting class novel 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell; much of our writing in English is based upon our reading.  We love collecting knowledge and new vocabulary. Our knowledge Journals are a great way to record our learning and we love our end of term quizzes to see how much we have remembered.

We work very hard in Diamond class to ensure each child reaches their potential across all areas of the curriculum. We have a happy, calm, hard-working learning environment, where every child feels valued and secured. We all know what we need to do to make progress and to do our very best.  We encourage resilience, perseverance and an 'I can'  attitude! Our teachers encourage us to achieve our targets and to be proud of the wonderful work that we do. Have a look around our classroom and in the corridor to see some of our fantastic work. We are always very excited to find out who is 'star of the week' and Dojo Champ of the Day. The Dojos are collected at the end of the week and added to our team points. We are excited to see which team is in the lead!

We really look forward to our learning outside. We have a wonderful field with a Willow Classroom and a tunnel and tyres to play on. Also, each year we go to Tower Wood as part of our outdoor learning curriculum.  Whilst there we enjoy open canoeing, climbing, balance beam amongst many other activities. It's a great time to learn team building skills and build our resilience and confidence.

We have a School Council and a Sports Council where we have a representative from both year groups. Year 6 pupils also take on the responsibility of Team Captains, Playground Leaders and some of our children have been trained as referees for football games. All children have the opportunity to apply for jobs within school and many of Diamond class take pride in their roles. We have a range of extra curricular activities on offer that Diamond class have the opportunity to participate in. This year the clubs that are available are: singing, eco, mad science, tag rugby, cross country, girls football, netball, football and athletics.

PowerPoint from Curriculum Meeting September 2022

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We had a very energetic Science lesson answering our own question, 'which exercise increases our pulse rate the most?' We devised a fair test, collected reliable results and recorded our results in a line graph.

Have a look at the exciting activities we do.

We enjoy reading for pleasure!

The children have been role playing some of the stories about the miracles of Jesus and the children created a freeze frame of the most important part of the story.

Our art work this term has been based on the work of Oenone Hammersly. She painted animals, trees and things from the natural world. She took inspiration from her travels inparticular various rainforests. Take a look at our paintings, we have taken our inspiration from the animals that live in the Amazon rainforest.

RAF STEM Glider Challenge. February 2023.We took part in a live stream lesson delivered by the RAF. We were taken through the engineering process of designing, creating, testing and improving. Our task was to design and build 3 prototype gliders and to test them to find the fastest. We sent some of our designs in and we were extremely excited that we were included in the live stream lesson!

We have the opportunity to learn how to play a brass instrument and take part in weekly lessons provided by Red Admiral in year 5 and 6. We look forward to our music lesson each week.

We really enjoy reading in Diamond class and have been on a trip to Parbold library. We researched about the rainforest, read books about the rainforest and chose some books to take home.

In Diamond Class we took part in a webinar with a Holocaust Survivor on Holocaust memorial day. We had lots of questions about the subject and learnt a lot.

Our trip to Chester Zoo where we learnt all about the Rainforest. We really enjoy going on trips in Diamond class as it enhances our cultural experiences and enriches our knowledge!

Lancashire Police Visit - We enjoyed receiving a very informative talk from the police about how to stay safe online.

DT (electrical systems) - we enjoyed making our Doodlers.

During Business Enterprise Week we designed and made our own table decorations for a Christmas table. We then had to pitch our ideas to Dragons' Den and then sell our products at the Christmas markets in school. All children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and the Dragons' Den judges were very impressed!

We love going out on school trips in Diamond Class. It enhances our cultural experiences and enriches our knowledge! Here are some photos from our trip to Western Approaches (a WW2 war bunker) in Liverpool to finish off our work on WW2.

We love to perform! Take a look at the photos from our class assembly all about WW2.

Diamond class were historians investigating WW2 artefacts

Take a look at our fantastic artwork based on Henry Moore's WW2 Underground Shelter Perspective Drawing.

SCIENCE. Investigating air resistance. We have been looking at air resistance in our topic about Forces. We designed three different sized parachutes to test our prediction that the greater the surface area, the greater the air resistance.

Investigating water resistance. Our challenge was to design a shape from blu tac, that would take the slowest time to reach the bottom of the container.