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What is the PTFA?

PTFA stands for Parent Teacher and Friends Association. We work towards the common goal of supporting the education of the children and strengthening the school community. We do this by organising events and activities throughout the school year.


What’s the difference between the ‘committee’ and ‘members’?

All parents, carers and teachers are automatically PTFA members. The Committee volunteer for specific roles and attendance to meetings. Members can be involved in varying capacities (see below). If you would like to volunteer to be on the committee please do contact us, we’ll be very happy to have you! Everyone - committee or not, is welcome to meetings.


How much time will it take up?

Whether you work full time, part time, or are a stay at home parent, any time you can offer will be welcomed. We plan a huge range of events and activities, all with varying time commitments, so how much or how little you choose to get involved really is up to you!


How the PTFA Benefits the School.

It’s good for your kids! Studies show there’s a direct link between parental involvement at school and how well children do. When they see us involved in their school and learning, it encourages them to do their best. Being active in a parent group not only improves your child’s school, it makes you an excellent role model. It’s good for you! The PTFA is a fast way to get to know other parents and school staff. Feeling part of a community is a very real human need - and more practically, these friendships create a support network. Chances are there will be opportunities for you to learn new skills and maybe even discover some hidden talents!



Without PTFA help, our school trips would cost a lot more. As an example, a £17 trip to the farm would cost £27 without the PTFA contribution. The PTFA also contributes towards valuable learning equipment such as computers and books. We work closely with the school to find out and decide where contributions will have the most benefit.


What You Can Do to Help Our PTFA Join the committee.

We need a solid, reliable group of members who can help with decision making, planning and management of the PTFA. There’s no application process - just enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in is enough for us! Get in touch and we can discuss what help we currently need and where you might best be able to help.