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Science Curriculum Policy


Curriculum Statement
Science teaching at Richard Durning's Primary School aims to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them to think scientifically, to gain an understanding of scientific processes and also an understanding of the uses and implications of Science, today and for the future. Science teachers at Richard Durning's aim to give all pupils essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. The children are taught to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes.

Please see attachment below for full policy.

Science Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Coverage for Science

Long Term Plan for Science Curriculum And Progression

Progression of Scientific Vocabulary

Useful Links

Diamond Class visited UCLAN to work with scientists to extract their DNA. Great skills showed in using scientific equipment.

Ruby Class have been investigating how objects move over different surfaces.

Diamond class have been investigating how to separate mixtures through magnetism, sieving, filtering and evaporation.

Science Question of the Week

Every week there is a Science question posted on Showbie for anyone to answer. We have had some amazing responses from children in Reception, through to children in Year 6. This term the children are asking their own questions.

Have a look at some of our fantastic answers.

This week's question from Elsie Year 2. How are tornadoes made?

Sapphire class have had fun observing and handling all sorts of creepy crawlies!

Diamond Class asked the question, 'Which type of exercise will increase our pulse rate the most?' They devised a fair test, collected reliable results and presented their data in a line graph.

Ruby Class enjoyed a visit from Dr Tipper. He bought bones for them to handle and examine.

Diamond Class's STEM Glider Challenge

Diamond Class investigating air resistance and parachute size.