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Proposed Changes to Nursery Structure 24/2025

Dear All,


Governors are proposing to change the set up of our nursery. Originally the nursery was set up by lowering the school age to 3. We are proposing to change this to Governor led provision. This allows schools to have a nursery on site and parents won’t see much difference from the current provision that we offer. As part of the change, the school needs to hold a consultation with the school and local community.


We will continue to offer the highest quality educational experience for Nursery age children in order to ensure that your children are school ready.


Under the new proposals we will have more flexibility with staffing, however, you will still see the same familiar faces.


The structure of the day for Richard Durning’s Endowed Primary School and Nursery will continue to reflect that of the school. There will be no disruption to our current provision and there will be no impact on the current function or quality you are already used to receiving.


In order for us to complete this change we are required to seek feedback from parents and the community. This consultation ends on the 26th April 2024.We would be really obliged if future and current nursery parents could complete the questions below as we need to establish how many parents would be likely to use these services and what their requirements would be.


Our governing body will consider any feedback you may wish to offer before making a final recommendation to run our nursery and School as Governor led provision under Section 27 of the Education Act.


Please provide any feedback by completing this form:


Best Wishes


Mrs Hodgson