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Parents Questionnaire Results May 2024

Parent Questionnaire Results 2024

Thank you so much to all our parents who have returned their questionnaire. The results are extremely useful for us as staff and also for our Governors in seeking parents’ views. These will feed into our focus for next year and School Improvement.


100% of parents said their child was happy at school.

100% of parents said their child felt safe at school.

98% of parents said the school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.

98% of parents said the school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year.

100% of parents said the school gives my child the support they need if they have SEND.

98% of parents said the school has high expectations for their child.

98% of parents said my child does well at this school.

98% of parents said my child does well at this school.

100% of parents said there is a good range of activities at this school.                                                              

100% of parents said there is a good range of subjects at this school.

100% parents said the school supports the child’s wider development.

100% of parents said they would recommend this school.

100% of parents said they feel they can communicate their worries or concerns.

98% of parents said the end of year report gave them the information they needed.

96% of parents said when they have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly.


Is there anything you think we have done really well?

  • Offered lots of sports activities; wide range of clubs
  • High standard of teaching
  • Work to provide as rich an education as possible with limited resources
  • Ducklings newsletter
  • Sue going above and beyond for the Ducklings
  • Family days and other events to come into school
  • Inclusion
  • I honestly can’t speak highly enough
  • Children are so kind and happy
  • Life experiences are encouraged and enriched
  • Promoting exercise
  • Trips
  • Lots of support for reading and phonics
  • Promote well rounded individuals
  • Teachers encouraging children to do their best and make progress
  • Encouraging good behaviour
  • Everything
  • Paperless forms
  • PTFA and Durning’s Got Talent
  • Jobs for KS2
  • Real focus on the skill traits like resilience, friendship, kindness, responsibility
  • Clear direction from leadership
  • Proactive staff
  • Assembly
  • Achieve above and beyond with excellence
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Building confidence

Three most important things about our school for your child

  • What they are learning; good range of subjects
  • Lovely teachers and staff; supportive and understanding staff
  • Facilities
  • Friendship – being encouraged to build strong friendships
  • Teacher student relationship
  • Encouragement and confidence building
  • Happy and has fun
  • Exposed to wide range of subjects and activities; engaging and enriching activities
  • Wonderful happy environment
  • Ducklings feeling part of the school
  • Social skills
  • Enjoying learning
  • High standard of behaviour
  • Good learning and development
  • Feeling safe; safe environment
  • Teachers knowing where my child is academically and challenging her
  • Made to feel confident in their abilities
  • Encouraged to try new things
  • Encouraging children to be the best version of themselves in respect and manners
  • Striving for a thirst for knowledge
  • Learning leadership skills and how to deal with challenges
  • Safety
  • Happiness
  • Core values
  • Continuous improvement
  • Open and honest communication to parents
  • Beautiful setting
  • Praised for efforts
  • Feeling of belonging
  • High standards and aspiration
  • Each child is important
  • Family feel


Is there anything you think we could have done better?

Sometimes feels tired after being pushed academically – please speak to your child’s class teacher as we always want to work with you.

Parents’ evening better face to face – we will explore options for this. Possibly a hybrid system as some parents like it online.

Nothing really, just slightly more notice for events - please see monthly calendars and newsletters. Also, our website has the long-term calendar on.

Communication from teacher to parent – please remember we do have an open-door policy and teachers are more than happy to chat to you.

Bit more challenge – please speak to your child’s class teacher if you feel they are not being pushed enough. We always want to work with you.

Lots of things to remember – we are sorry!

Christmas play – all KS2 will be involved in the Leavers’ Production this year.

Text message for Handwriter of the Week – we like this and have already started implementing it.

Better breakdown in assessments – please remember the last Parents Evening – after the end of year reports have come out – parents can ask for more detail on this and get a more detailed breakdown. Please come and ask us.

Maths methods to be shown – these are on our website and explained at the Curriculum Meeting in September but we will share these in other ways too.

Slightly less homework in KS2 – we will look into reducing this for summer term.